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Join hands with Xi'an Jiaotong University, osight shows the scheme of unmanned vehicle and UAV linkage


To popularize automatic driving and driverless driving, first of all, it is necessary to help the car "understand the world" - obtain high-resolution three-dimensional scene. At present, lidar is the sensor with the highest efficiency and accuracy to obtain the three-dimensional scene around the vehicle, and it is also an indispensable sensor for automatic driving vehicle to obtain environmental information. The lidar start-up company we previously reported is superior to Zhihua. At the 2016 China smart car future challenge, we demonstrated the low-cost lidar hld-1l01.

China smart car future challenge was first established in 2009. It is a well-known event in the field of unmanned car and automatic driving in China. In this year's competition, the car of Xi'an Jiaotong University carried osight test single line lidar product hld-1l01, and successfully demonstrated the cooperation between unmanned vehicle and UAV. In the previous seven competitions, almost all the laser radars used by the participating vehicles were imported products. Founder Zhu Shaolan told 36 krypton that osight is also the only domestic lidar manufacturer participating in the competition this year.

In the above picture, the automatic driving vehicle uses IBEO's four line lidar, Osight's single line lidar HLD-1L01 and camera. Among them, the detection distance of hld-1l01 can reach 280 meters, and the built-in target tracking algorithm can be used for the forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning and stop and go functions of the advanced driving assistance system of the automobile. Compared with similar products overseas, the cost is lower.

On the top of the car is the take-off and landing platform of the UAV. During the demonstration, the UAV with camera takes off first, explores the road in front, and sends the data back to the UAV. The unmanned vehicle processing system combines the data of UAV and the data of vehicle sensor to analyze the road ahead and plan the driving route. In this way, the UAV can explore the road ahead, and the self driving vehicle can drive on the road in the unknown area.

Osight was founded in 2015. Its core team has been engaged in the research of lidar technology in CAS for nearly ten years, and has mastered the core key technology and key component technology of lidar system, hoping to provide low-cost and high-performance lidar solutions. At the beginning of its establishment, it has obtained tens of millions of yuan of first round financing from aurora borealis.

When we reported osight in August this year, the company has completed the development of single line lidar, with a detection distance of 280 meters. The product integrates the radar sensor with the data processing algorithm of the back end, moves the data processing forward, reduces the workload of the back end processing, and improves the processing efficiency. The team is also using the single line lidar products, laser night vision camera, ADAS algorithm to make a set of solutions for auxiliary driving, and has carried out the vehicle test. At that time, founder Zhu Shaolan told 36 krypton that under the condition of strong positive sunlight, the detection distance of the product reached more than 250m, the angle resolution reached 0.18 degree, and the distance resolution reached 6mm; the company is carrying out further test and optimization design for the product.

At present, the single line lidar is still undergoing environmental adaptability test. At the same time, the team is also developing multi line lidar products, which are expected to be displayed at the end of this year. In the future, the team hopes to provide a complete set of intelligent 3D sensing and information processing system based on active photoelectric sensor for automatic driving.


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