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Osight: domestic lidar ushers in the "opportunity period"


Osight Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on laser sensors. Its products are mainly for intelligent robot navigation obstacle avoidance, AGV navigation obstacle avoidance, laser slam and other fields. As a new and cutting-edge domestic lidar enterprise, we are proud of Osight foothold of hardware equipment + software technology, steadily promoting the AGV industry and winning market attention. Recently, Mr. Zhu Shaolan, founder and CEO of smart paint, was interviewed by the new strategic robot all media to have a deep understanding of the lidar enterprise with strong technology.

Industrial AGV lidar: single line main multi line auxiliary

Zhu Shaolan introduced that at present, the lidar products of sight are mainly data-based, while the business scope is mainly concentrated in the AGV industry, "at present, AGV accounts for about 60% - 70% of the company's business.".

It is understood that osight's leading product for AGV industry is the smart ie lidar, which belongs to the new generation of small eye lidar series. It is a single line 2D data lidar product with navigation and obstacle avoidance functions. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, fast scanning speed, strong anti-interference ability, small size, light weight, high reliability, and can obtain rich Target information, and can work all day.

In addition to the single line, osight also offers multi line lidar products. The MLS series of its multi line lidar is the first multi line lidar series product launched by osight. It can also be applied to the AGV industry, with the advantages of long-distance measurement, strong anti-jamming ability, and fast scanning speed.

"In fact, single line lidar products can meet most of the requirements of AGV at present, but some customers will also put forward the requirements of multi line lidar. Multi line lidar has more abundant data, so it has higher requirements on the processor, which is generally used in more complex industrial environment," said Zhu Shaolan

According to reports, the survey range of each model of osight products ranges from 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters to 50 meters, with a maximum of 100 meters. The resolution of angle is 0.125-0.25 degree and the resolution of distance is 6 mm. Osight optimizes the performance to meet the different needs of AGV through multiple product layouts.

In addition to hardware, osight can also provide relevant supporting software algorithms according to the needs of customers.

How to verify the reliability and stability of domestic lidar?

Compared with the foreign lidar with more mature cases, more confidence and verification are needed in reliability and stability.

It is very important to verify the reliability and stability of domestic lidar in order to compare with foreign lidar products. So what does reliability and stability depend on?

According to Zhu Shaolan, reliability and stability should be considered at the beginning of design. It is reported that osight's core team has been engaged in the research of lidar technology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for nearly ten years, and has mastered the core key technology and key component technology of lidar system. At the beginning of its establishment, osight has obtained tens of millions of yuan of first round financing from Aurora Borealis. Based on this, osight has also designed and developed a series of lidar product solutions for AGV, hoping to provide low cost and high cost Performance of lidar solutions.

On the other hand, it needs enough time to polish. Zhu Shaolan said, "although the company was founded in 15 years, its process of research and development, testing, case collection and analysis in the field of lidar has never stopped for more than ten years. The long process of verification ensures that we have a more solid product foundation and can quickly launch qualified products."

For the future development direction of lidar, Zhu Shaolan also put forward his own view, "the future lidar will be highly integrated like the mobile camera, but unlike the 2D image of the visual camera, the lidar only needs to send a laser pulse to present a 3D image. With a high degree of integration, the cost will also be very low. " Obviously, this will bring benefits to AGV's overall price decline.

Under the epidemic situation, domestic lidar ushers in new opportunities

At present, the impact of the epidemic has spread all over the world. As the core component of AGV robot, the market of foreign brand lidar has been affected to a certain extent, with new changes in delivery cycle and output, and the rapid development of mobile robots in the commercial field. These are new opportunities for domestic lidar enterprises.

Zhu Shaolan said that although the orders of AGV manufacturers in the industrial field had a slight impact during the outbreak, commercial mobile robots had a great development opportunity. "From a technical point of view, it is not difficult for domestic lidar that can be applied to AGV to expand the service robot market. The b-end service market is far less strict than the requirements of the industrial environment for lidar," said Zhu Shaolan. "We have recently received a number of orders from service mobile robot manufacturers, and next we are ready to make great efforts To develop this business, I think even after the epidemic, the commercial market of mobile robots will have some development, which can also drive the development of parts enterprises. "

In addition to opening up a wider market, the international supply chain hindered by the epidemic will also be an opportunity for AGV manufacturers to choose domestic brands.

In addition, affected by the epidemic situation, the supply of lidar components will be affected to some extent, the supply cycle will be extended to some extent, and the price has also increased. Therefore, some lidar enterprises have begun to put the price increase on the agenda. However, Zhu Shaolan said that at present, the company does not intend to increase prices. "We usually sign a single contract with suppliers for a whole year, so the supply is still relatively guaranteed." However, if the epidemic continues to develop, the follow-up companies will also take certain countermeasures. "If the epidemic situation doesn't get better, we may consider replacing it with domestic components later. In fact, with the gradual development of domestic components in recent years, its performance and quality have been greatly improved, and the price will be lower."

All kinds of signs show that domestic lidar will face new opportunities and challenges.


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