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Embedded Software Development Engineer

Number of employees:1-2 Department:Technology DepartmentRelease time:2020-04-13

Job description:

1. Be responsible for requirements analysis, scheme design, coding implementation, debugging and verification of embedded software; or software transplantation and development;
2. Participate in the construction of software platform, functional components and development environment;
3. Product module decomposition and function realization;
4. Be responsible for the preparation of relevant product technical documents, etc.

1. Automation, measurement and control, communication and other electronic related disciplines;
2. More than five years working experience, familiar with C / C + +, embedded software development, FreeRTOS or UCOS and other real-time operating system development experience;
3. Familiar with the development of Cortex-M3 / M4 series chips of arm;
4. Be familiar with serial port, I2C, SPI, USB, I2S, Eth and other interfaces, TCP / IP communication protocol, and socket network programming experience;
5. At the same time, understanding linux driver porting developers is preferred;6. Project management experience is preferred.

Work location: New Century building, Gaoxin 2nd Road, Hight-tech Zone,Xi'an
Benefits: double break, flexible work, six insurances and one fund, annual travel physical examination, various afternoon tea and activities, leading colleague nice
Email: zuohong@osighttech.com
Tel: 029-89196410

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RDC Add:Layer 8,New Century building,Gaoxin 2nd Road,High-tech Zone,Xi’an,P.R.China

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