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Can multiple lines be used to simulate fewer lines? For example, what's the difference between selecting 16 line data from 64 line data and directly using 16 line laser data?

Zhu Shaolan: you can use multiple lines to simulate fewer lines. Velodyne's multi line lidar can be designed. However, if a few lines are selected from the multilines, the resolution in the pitch direction will be reduced. Because the angle between the lines of the multiline lidar is fixed, either selected at intervals or continuously. Mainly according to the actual needs to choose.

Q: for solid-state lidar, how different is the technical difficulty in manufacturing single line and multi line?

Zhu Shaolan: if it is a lidar that can scan two-dimensional solid-state, the difficulty of manufacturing single line and multi line is not much different. However, if the solid-state scanning device can only achieve one-dimensional scanning, then it is necessary to use multiple single line radars to make a multi line radar. The problem of coordination and crosstalk between each module needs to be solved, and the volume will be larger, so the difficulty of this multi line laser radar will be greater.

Q: as for the light absorbing obstacles that cannot ensure the effective reflection of light, is there any corresponding measure to solve this problem in the current lidar technology?

Zhu Shaolan: This is a dead zone. If the lidar encounters the light absorbing obstacles, it will not be able to effectively receive the echo signal reflected by the target and measure the position information of the target. If it is a mirror reflection obstacle, it will form a multi-path effect. If you encounter transparent glass, it is possible to detect the target behind the glass. This is determined by the physical properties of light.

To solve the problem of light absorbing obstacles, from my existing knowledge, it can only be solved by increasing the laser power, but it is not a good way.

Q: is the current single line and multi line lidar scheme a transitional one, which will eventually transition to the area array lidar. There is no rotating mechanism, so it can be integrated with the vehicle body, without any overhead horns?

Zhu Shaolan: Yes. I think lidar will definitely develop from scanning radar to staring imaging, that is, the area array imaging lidar, and even want to develop in the direction of multispectral staring imaging, and at the same time can obtain the spectral information of the target.

Once the staring imaging is realized, the lidar is as light as the current visible light camera and can be perfectly integrated with the vehicle body. But at present, the technology of lidar array detector is very difficult and the cost is very high.

Q: is there a better scheme or product for the light source chip and detector chip of the area array lidar in China? What do you know about the institutions that conduct this research, and what are the institutions that are likely to make breakthroughs in this field?

Zhu Shaolan: at least four research institutes are engaged in the research and development of the detector chip of area array lidar. They are research institutes of weaponry, CLP and Academy of Sciences, including our Xi'an Institute of Optics and mechanics. But so far, no commercial products have been found.

Because I don't know much about the technical status of other research institutes, I can't make accurate judgment. The samples of Xi'an Institute of Optics and mechanics have come out, but the performance needs to be further optimized.

Q: how many laser points per second is osight hld-1l01? TOF is also mentioned in the previous sharing. Isn't TOF weak outdoors?

Zhu Shaolan: the current hld-l01 of osight is 36K / s. The TOF method with pulse ranging system has a strong ability to resist strong light interference, and is less affected in outdoor. In our road test picture, the vehicle is more than 5:00 p.m. to the west, in strong light conditions, the performance is not affected.

Q: is there a lidar industry chain in China? Who will provide the algorithm of lidar? What is the price of SLR and the price curve in the next five years?

Zhu Shaolan: at present, the domestic laser industry chain is mature. Many research institutes and companies can provide lidar algorithm, for example, our partner hongyida can provide algorithm, and our company is currently doing some development work in this area.

The price of SLR is mainly related to the output. I am not good at predicting the price curve in the next five years. If the quantity is not up, the cost will not be too low.


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